Integrity Automotive Knows the Ins and Outs of Classic Cars and Trucks


For those of you paying attention. You may have noticed something strange behind our classic car expert Chris in our last video on the 1939 Ford Dump Truck. They were bright red “somethings” right behind Chris and hard to miss. Watch the video for a closer look. Comment with your best guess (no fair asking Google). And the correct answer will win a prize!

At Integrity Automotive our goal is to honestly inform our customers of their options and let them choose what is best for their car/truck and their pocketbook. Integrity Automotive prides itself on its upfront pricing with no hidden costs and whenever possible gives the customer multiple options to fit their needs and price range. Integrity Automotive’s goal has always been to help people make their car or truck better and more reliable.

Additional services Integrity Automotive offers include:

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