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What’s New at Integrity Automotive?

Today Integrity Automotive wants to explain a little bit about the importance of wheel bearings. In this example we are using a 1999 GMC Sierra with over 300,000 mile on it. Yes that’s a LOT OF MILES but this is a common issue in pretty much any car.

What’s New at Integrity Automotive?

Today, we here at Integrity Automotive want to explain a little bit about how your automatic windows work. The example we used came from a 2002 Ford Explorer. With it being cold outside and you never know when the next blizzard is coming. You don’t want to get stuck with your window wide open in this weather.

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The Importance of Checking Your Brake Pads

Everyone knows that awful screeching sound, like nails on the chalkboard, we have all heard it on our own car or on someone else’s driving through a parking lot. But, what does that sound really mean and should you be worried about it if it happens to your own car?

The simple answer is yes.

That scraping sound or “squealing” as some call it is not a noise to ignore and believe it or not your car is designed to make that noise.

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