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Here is a 2008 Lamborghini Mucielago LP 640-4 Roadster (yes you have our permission to drool). There were only 499 of these beauties made!

This exotic car owner brought their Lamborghini in for routine maintenance. Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialist will also be doing some investigation into some possible issues with the battery and cooling system.

Yes, we have said it before, and we will keep saying it. Even if your car spends most of the time in the garage it STILL needs routine maintenance AT LEAST once a year!

After Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialists finish with the Lamborghini , they will be sending it over to Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment for a tire pressure fault issue 

Integrity Automotive Offers Complete Service Options on Your Performance Cars

This 1993 Dodge Viper came into Integrity Automotive for a complete service check. For this performance vehicle our certified performance car specialists replaced all the fluids and filters, did a thorough inspection including the engine, drive train, tires, lights, belts, battery, charging system and brakes.

For performance vehicles such as this one, Integrity Automotive’s certified mechanics recommend investing in a trickle charge system. This will improve the longevity of your vehicle while it hibernates in your garage during those cold days and nights.

This 2004 Red Porsche 911 AWD Turbo came in for a service check over and oil change. This Porsche has not been touched by a mechanic since 2015 so a thorough inspection; and most likely, all fluids and filters will need replacement.

At Integrity Automotive our Performance and Exotic car mechanics highly recommend a yearly inspection to check for dried out parts. Especially the tires and brakes for our customers’ safety.

Integrity Automotive has special four post lifts to safely raise lowered exotics such as this Porsche without damaging the vehicle. With these lifts, our exotic car specialists can ensure every vehicle is inspected thoroughly and made safe to go back on the road.

This lovely is a 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider. With less than 10,000 miles, this car sees more garage time than street time! Even still when the owner is ready to take it out, they want to be confident that nothing will go wrong. Since the last service on this Spider was three years ago, the owner thought it best to have Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialists give this Ferrari a thorough general maintenance inspection.

Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialist will also be diagnosing a coolant temperature concern brought up by the customer. The customer noticed the gauge for the coolant temperature was running higher than normal and wanted it properly inspected and corrected before their next drive.

If you have an exotic and/or a performance car that has been in the garage for a while. Bring it by Integrity Automotive to have our performance and exotic car specialist inspect it before your next drive. That way your next drive goes the way you planned, and you will not be sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck!

This 1984 Ferrari Mondial wasn’t running when the owner brought it to Integrity Automotive. Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialists found a minor issue with the RPM sensor and the ignition switch had failed.

The ignition switch, which is now obsolete, was not an issue for Integrity Automotive’s exotic car specialists. Our mechanics, which often repair, rebuild or reengineer parts that are no longer available, took the switch apart and rebuilt it so our customer will be back on the road enjoying their exotic vehicle in no time.

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